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Well, there is massage therapy ... and there is massage therapy with Lisa Knowles.  The latter is above and beyond a regular massage experience.  It is a healing process in which Lisa uses a combination of masterful techniques, natural oils, and true caring for her patients.  No condition is too difficult for Lisa's magic hands.

My Favorite Moment During the Session Was...: Noticing gradual improvement in the range of motion. - Rating: 5 Stars

Mila Ellis


Lisa is probably the most talented massage therapist I've ever met.  As a chef, my body gets beat up on a daily basis, but Lisa is able to undo all the bad, get rid of the "junk" as I call it, in my muscles and make me feel amazing both during and after the massage.  Lisa is thoughtful, thorough, and just simply very gifted at what she does.  One visit with her and you will never go back to anything less.

My Favorite Moment During Session Was ...: Lisa does a total assessment of any issues I'm having with parts of my body, and really targets problem areas.  I feel like I'm floating when she's finished with the treatment.

Something I Wish Had Been Different Was....: If she could drive me home after the massage, that would be great...;). - Rating: 5 Stars 

Jodi Commings


There were many favorites - very relaxing, yet invigorating!
I recall saying to many after my first session that: I felt so relaxed that I could drift off into a deep, infant like sleep; yet feel so invigourated and limber that I could run a marathon!

I have experienced chronic pain from muscle and joint discomfort since my teenage years. I have had some serious physiological problems which have rendered the need to visit with osteopaths and chiropractors intermittnently over the last 20 years. However, I have never felt as good following one of those visits as I have with the treatment that I received here. Thank you. Thank you. - Rating: 5 Stars 

Shelly Robinson

Lisa's hands are hands of a natural healer, her excellent training focuses her gifts to aid her clients. Give yourself the gift of a massage with Lisa! Your body and spirit will thank you. -  Rating: 5 Stars

Shailly A

I've had more massages than I can count. Lisa is, hands down (yes pun!), the best therapist I've had. Her work is deliberate,responsive and compassionate. She has years of experience which was obvious from the first massage I received from her. She pulls from a variety of modalities to address the issues I've brought to the table (pun#2!) It isn't easy to find a therapist who is also trained in myofascial release. Lisa has that too and I've benefited greatly from it. An outstanding massage therapist!  -  Rating: 5 Stars

Mary S

The word wonderful  is just an  expression.But  the  physical  sensation of  message is  incredible. This  therapist ( Ms Lisa) was  born  with a  special  gift which she uses to help relieve people of physical aches and pains. She conducts herself in a professional manner with extreme care for the patients comfort.She is a true gem to be tried and enjoyed.-  Rating: 5 Stars

Renee  Marro

This was my first experience at receiving a professional massage and I must admit it was amazing. I definitely will be coming back and becoming a regular customer. My favorite moment during the session was...: the fact that the studio was very calming and relaxing, and took the nervous feeling of it being my first time away.-  Rating: 5 Stars

Vaughn Gooding

Lisa Knowles is an excellent massage therapist. I first received a massage from Lisa 10 years ago. She has a knack for finding the knots caused by stress. I had been suffering from aches in my back for 4 months before meeting Lisa. She was able to locate and work out the painful knots in my back within a few sessions. I've dubbed her the name of golden fingers because her technique cured me of my aches and pains. I highly recommend Lisa to solve your issues and provide a tranquil and positive experience. She has a passion for helping others and she is truly the best in her field! Thank you Lisa! My favorite moment during the session was...: Deep tissue massage and tranquility -  Rating: 5 Stars

Antonia Protopapas

I have had massages but nothing as relaxing as this. Lisa was able to relieve the stiffness in my neck and shoulders where other therapists just could not do. The tension just eased away. She gave me a Therapuetic Massage which was exactly what I needed. Lisa is by far the BEST in her field. She is very attentive to her clients needs and very passionate about her work. The ambiance in the room is very soothing and you feel it as soon as you walk in the room. I would highly recommend Lisa and I thank her for such a wonderful experience! -  Rating: 5 Stars

Theresa Gabriele

Retired but still working part time in my manual labor business, I find myself stiff and sore on many occasions when I have pushed myself a little too far. I find floor work and ladder work difficult and produces soreness. Getting up out of a chair after sitting awhile sometimes requires stretching and limbering up stiff muscles. I heard of the myofascial release and tried it with Lisa. It works wonders in taking away the stiffness and soreness of my back, shoulders and legs.  You feel a new sense of freedom of movement and flexibility. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has symptoms such as mine.  You just feel sooo goood afterwards! - Rating: 5 Stars

Greg Hanson


Lisa is a God send!! She has an amazing gift of touch and with trained technique is able to offer such benefit of relief. Look forward to my ongoing appointments on my journey to improved health and outlook:-)) -  Rating: 5 Stars

Dorothea P





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